Karen E. Goulekas (KEG)

Karen E. Goulekas (KEG) is a Visual Effects Supervisor and Photo Artist living in Los Angeles, CA. Her work in feature films has earned her two BAFTA Awards for "The Day After Tomorrow" and "The Fifth Element."  She also garnered two Emmy Awards for her work on the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics Games for NBC.  For more information about her film work:  http://www.kegfx.com/

Her 30+ years of experience making moving imagery for film and television has spilled over into creating unique photo art from the stills she shoots on her travels around the world.  

She is also the author of 3 books available on Amazon: "Visual Effects In A Digital World" - a glossary of over 7000 visual effects terms, and "The Daily Limerick" - Volumes 1 and 2 - which features daily topical limericks based on real news headlines.